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Invitation to war

By Aleksandr Podrabinek

Lawyer Rostislav Malimonenko

Be careful!

Perpetration of Ukrainophobia in Krakow in the so-called " Shafa Dobra".

As a result of the demonstration by Mykhalina and Dorota Kowalska, who are the heads of the "Shafa Dobra" humanitarian aid center for Ukrainians in Kraków, of disdain for basic human rights and freedoms, the rights of the disabled, a public display of disdain for Ukrainians, these young ladies and their guards in their own rage can be equated with mercenaries of Russian terrorists who daily abuse and kill Ukrainians. Although so far these "respectable" young ladies, who cover themselves with good intentions, have not yet killed anyone, they actually hate Ukrainians. They are capable of mocking Ukrainians for the humanitarian aid that does not belong to them, which is provided by true friends of Ukraine specifically for Ukrainians. They have done everything to ensure that the needy Ukrainian refugees from such humanitarian aid centers would be brought to the hospital in extremely difficult condition. It is because of the organization on their instructions of bullying and harassment of Ukrainians, because of the pressure and threats exerted on them, that the victims find themselves in an extremely difficult situation, in a state of stress, as a result of which they end up in intensive care in a critical condition with blood pressure of 210 to 120 and heart rate of 126 beats per minute.

The audacity of these actions lies in the fact that these young ladies threatened the Ukrainians with physical violence, which would be applied by their guards, who, according to their logic, should apply physical coercion to disabled refugees from Ukraine precisely in the humanitarian center created for Ukrainians. The height of audacity is that they refused the victims of their illegal actions not only to call an ambulance, but even to give some water. All the time they behaved not even in a Christian way, mocked the Ukrainians, the disabled person who was bullied, mocked and humiliated human dignity, saying to the face of the Ukrainian, "What kind of disabled person are you? You are disabled in Ukraine, not here, you are nobody here, so if you need, do this yourself - call the doctors." They understand the Ukrainian language, but in the embarrassing for them situations, which are not beneficial for them, they simply say "I don't understand you". But if you don't understand the Ukrainian language, what are you doing at the help center for Ukrainians? Has the criminal liability in Poland based on the elements of the crime provided for in Art. 119, Art. 126 (b), Art. 162 (1), Art. 190 (1) Art. 191(1), Art. 194, Article 257 of the Criminal Code of the Republic of Poland been already abolished?  Has the Republic of Poland canceled the effect of: Art. 30, part 1 and 2 of Art. 31, Article 32, Article 40, Art. 54, Article 63 of the Constitution of Poland? Has the Republic of Poland canceled the international public obligations of Poland, defined in Art. 1, Article 2, Article 7, Article 14, Article 22, Article 28 of the International Declaration of Human Rights of 1946 and subparagraphs a, b and d of Art. 3, Art. 4, Art. 5, Art. 7, 11, Article 15 - Article 17 of the Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities?

 Unfortunately, the impunity of the Ukrainophobia of some Poles remains hidden due to the fact that Ukrainians do not complain, while in Poland Ukrainians do not have all the rights and are afraid to make complaints. But I am convinced that, for the sake of salvation, all Ukrainians must report every shameful fact of Ukrainophobia in Poland, not only on social networks, but also inform our friends in the USA and Great Britain about what some Polish citizens do to Ukrainians. I wonder why Polish law enforcement agencies do not protect Ukrainians from manifestations of Ukrainophobia on the part of some Polish citizens?

All friends of Ukraine should also be informed about this inaction, because I believe that mercenaries of Russian terrorists may be "working"  in Poland under the guise of humanitarian centers, volunteers, etc., deliberately violating the rights of Ukrainians, thereby inciting enmity between Ukrainians and Poles.

Why did the Polish State refuses to control what actually happens in these so-called humanitarian aid centers for Ukrainians, in these "Shafas Dobra" in Krakow, having given humanitarian aid into the hands of unscrupulous persons who hate Ukrainians?


02.08.2022. Lawyer Rostislav Malimonenko

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